Friday, June 5th 2020

15:00 - 17:00 Teacher Circle

Jessica Green, Julia Midland, Ava Riby-Williams

19:00- 21:00 Welcome Circle 

Mei Lai Swan & Jana Toepfer 
Soundbath with Junior Valentine


Saturday, June 6th 2020

10:00 - 12:00 Morning Class

Bridget Luff  & Tanja Mickwitz

14:00- 16:00 Afternoon Class

Tara Judelle & Nanna Wagner Nielsen

19:00- 23:00 Dinner Party

More Infos soon 

Sunday, June 7th 2020

10:00 - 12:00 Morning Class

Susanna Harwood Rubin & Todd Tesen

14:00- 16:00 Closing Circle

Leila Sadeghee & Naomi Absalom

What to expect

European Yogi Nomad events are all about community, meeting old and new friends and sharing the love of yoga. In that spirit, all of the classes are taught by two teachers as a big part of an EYN is the magic of co-creating!


Every weekend starts on a Friday afternoon with a Teacher Circle. This practice is open to all yoga teachers as a way of connecting, nourishing and sharing our experiences as facilitators.  Friday evening we'll officially kick off the weekend with an All Level Welcome Practice setting the tone for a weekend of yoga and connection.  Offering two classes on Saturday & Sunday will give you enough time to practice, connect but also explore London. 

The Yogi Nomads Dinner Party on Saturday evening is a way to connect off the mat, eat and dance and we always try to keep it affordable and buffet style. 

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